The reservation is obligatory as soon as we have received the organiser’s signed copy of the confirmation as well as the agreed reservation fee.

Terms of payment

A reservation fee of about 10% of the total account (but a minimum of CHF 500) is due 30 days after the signing of the contract and will be credited on the final account. The deposit of further amounts can be demanded by the hotel Hari in agreement with the organizer. We will bill the organizer on departure for all services, payable within 10 days net. Additionals such as drinks, telephone bills have to be paid by the participants before departure.


We, the hotel Hari, Schlegeli, Adelboden will do anything to meet the ordered service punctual and in high quality so that your event will be successful. The hotel can’t be claimed for damages. In addition the hotel can’t be made liable either by the organizer nor the participants for: brought in items in all rooms of the hotel; parked cars on the hotel site or in the car park; damages and accidents which are caused using the hotel’s facilities.
The organizer is liable for the payment of all ordered and claimed services, for damages on buildings, furniture ore facilities which were caused by the organizer, his employees or participants, without proof of fault. The hotel must approve the placement of any material for presentations or decoration. Insurance is the organizer’s or participant’s matter.


Should there less rooms/beds be necessary the reservation can be reduced by 30 % 2 month before arrival, by 15 % 1 month before arrival without any additional costs. Without any contrary notification you guarantee the payment of at least 90 % of the ordered service with your reservation. If a reservation has to be cancelled we ask you for a written notification. The later the reservation is cancelled, the more difficult it is to occupy the booked beds and rooms. Therefore we have to charge a fee for short-term cancellations. We only charge a fee it we can’t find an equal replacement.

Cost of annullation - daily seminar

arrangement fee
CHF 100.00
90 days before arrival
50 % of room rent
60 days before arrival
70% of room rent
30 days before arrival
85 % of total arrangement

Reservation fees which are higher than the total cost of annulation and other pre-payments will be refund immediately. Please contact us in any case. We will try to find a for both sides acceptable solution.

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